Custom Workholding Services

Horizontal Machining Centers

For over 25 years, Global Workholding has developed innovative custom workholding systems for horizontal machining centers. We’ve designed workholding solutions for a variety of applications, including:

  • Spring Loaded Part Retention Prior to Clamping
  • Quick Change Details for Part Families
  • Manual or Automated Loading
  • Part Seating Confirmation

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Vertical Machining Centers

Global Workholding specializes custom workholding solutions for vertical machine centers and 4th axis rotary tables. Over the years we’ve designed and built a wide variety of workholding systems, including:

  • Quick Disconnect or Closed Loop Hydraulic Circuits
  • Single- or Double-Acting Hydraulic Circuits
  • Hydraulic Clamp/Unclamp Confirmation
  • Manual or Automated Loading
  • Part Present Confirmation

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Finite Element Analysis

How does FEA/FEM apply to workholding? Good question…

During the workholding design process, we use sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM) simulation software to analyze your 3D part model. The FEA/FEM analysis will show us exactly where and how much the physical part will deflect when the clamping forces are applied to the part by the locating points and hydraulic cylinders.

The information collected during the FEA/FEM simulation is extremely valuable to the designer. It allows the designer to experiment with various placements of clamp arms and clamping forces in the “Virtual World” to optimize the overall function of the workholding BEFORE we manufacture the components and assemble the workholding in the “Real World”.

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